Presenter and Staff Bios

Meet the NEAPFD Event Staff: (Listed in alphabetical order)

Ben Canonica: Equipment and Working Demo Teamster/Coordinator – Co-operative Animal-powered Timber Harvest
Ben became interested in working draft horses while apprenticing on a farm in Colorado. He logs and does custom farm work with his horses, and has a diversified livestock and vegetable operation with his partner Meg Wedding on their land in Chelsea, VT.

Bob Capobianco: Woodland Working Demonstration Teamster/Instructor
Bob is a horse-logger and sugar-maker who lives in Washington, VT. He has been working horses in the woods and introducing beginners to the work since 1982.

Sylvia Fagin: Event Assistance Coordinator
Sylvia is a freelance writer and researcher focusing on food and agriculture in Vermont. She helps farmers and food producers tell their stories to their customers, present and future. She is currently working with NOFA-VT to increase and improve the connections between farmers markets and their host communities.

Jennifer Judkins: Workshop Committee Chair, Equine Health and Maintenance Forum
Jennifer runs a small farm in Springfield, NH.  She has turned a small horse farm into a working homestead, and over the past year, began to use draft horses to perform odd jobs around the farm successfully, despite a busy full-time off -farm job.

Lisa McCrory: NEAPFD Organizer
Lisa is an organic dairy and livestock consultant and the web and newsletter editor for the Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance. Lisa operates Earthwise Farm and Forest with her husband Carl Russell where they use draft animals, raise organic vegetables, and grass fed meat and milk.

Poppy McCrory: Event Assistance Coordinator
Poppy lives in Hartland, Vermont with her two boys. By trade she is a landscape gardener, and she has been involved with NEAPFD since its inception. Her exceptional talents in sign-making and event logistics have made her an invaluable part of the team.

Jennifer Megyesi: Volunteer Coordinator
Jennifer Megyesi owns Fat Rooster Farm in Royalton, Vermont, with her husband and son. They grow vegetables and raise animals using free-range, grass-fed, and organic farming methods. Jennifer also works as a veterinary technician and has authored two books: ‘The Joy of Keeping Chickens’ and ‘The Joy of Keeping a Root Cellar’.

Carl Russell: NEAPFD Event Organizer – Teamster Working Demos – Working Animal Suitability – Keynote Speaker
Carl is a horse -logger, forestry consultant, and timberland owner from Bethel, VT. He has operated Russell Forestry Services since 1986, specializing in ecological forestry and low-impact timber harvest with draft animals. Carl operates Earthwise Farm and Forest with his wife Lisa McCrory where they use draft animals, raise organic vegetables, and grass fed meat and milk.

Nina Thompson: Event Coordinator
Nina is well experienced in supporting small and medium sized companies of all types to start up, streamline, dissolve, re-imagine, and expand. Nina’s experience included the Vermont Food and agricultural industry, large-scale event logistics, political campaigns, start-ups, non-profits wanting to develop a for-profit mindset, and partnership agreements and dissolutions.

Meet the Presenters: (Listed in alphabetical order)

Mark Albee: Equine Hoof Care
Mark is a farrier in Wonalancet, NH.From 1990-2005, he was farm and woodlot manager at Chewonki Foundation in Wiscasset ME, where primary power for garden, field, and forest work was a single Belgian Mare.

Roger Allbee: The History of Vermont Agriculture;
Roger is the Secretary of Agriculture, Foods & Markets, providing leadership for one of Vermont’s largest industries and administering numerous regulatory, food safety and consumer protection programs for the benefit of Vermonters.

Patricia Bacon: Teamster
Pat lives and farms with Kurt Masters in Milan, NH. They do small-scale tillage on the farm and love to drive their mules.

Bekah Bailey: Beginner Driving Skills  – Equine Trainers Forum
Rebekah farms with horses at Fair Winds Farm in Brattleboro, VT with her parents, Jay and Janet Bailey. Their 40 acre diversified farm offers hay and sleigh rides, draft horse workshops and training.

Jay Bailey: Teamster – Putting Up Loose Hay – Ground-drive Mower Tune-up
Jay has been farming with registered Suffolk Punch draft horses since 1980, and teaching Draft Horse Workshops since 1995. Fair Winds Farm in Brattleboro, VT is a 40 acre diversified farm that Jay works with his wife, Janet and daughter Rebekah.

Les Barden: D-Ring Harness: Practical Application and Troubleshooting
Les Barden lives in Farmington, NH, where he has conducted various farming and forestry operations with horses and oxen for the last 47 years. His Barden Tree Farm, now under conservation easement, was named New England Outstanding Tree Farm in 1984.

Paul Birdsall: 2010 NEAPFD Feature Farmer – Horse Power Farm
Paul and his late wife Mollie moved to Maine in 1970 and started Horse Power Farm in 1973, producing market vegetables, field crops, and forest products using draft horses.

Andy Carson: Equipment Innovations
Andy is owner and operator of Tiny Toad Farm, where he uses sustainable practices and conservative tillage to grow about 5 acres of specialty field crops.  All field-work is performed primarily with a single draft horse. Tiny Toad Farm is located near New Castle, PA.

Terry Chamberlin: Teamster – Ox Teamsters Forum – Working Oxen
Terry lives in Pomfret, VT, where she raises, trains, and shows Devon working cattle. Terry’s family has a long history of working oxen. She passes that heritage on through educational demonstrations, and working with 4-H students.

Jennifer Colby: Rotational Grazing Basics
Jenn Colby is the Outreach Coordinator for the Pasture Program at the UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture, and operates a small diversified meats farm in East Randolph, VT.

Bucky Cole: Oxen Hoof Care and Shoeing
Bucky is a life long ox teamster and shoer from Wells River, VT.

Ray Cote: Teamster – Ox Teamsters Forum – Working Oxen – Oxen Hoof Care and Shoeing
Ray is an ox-man who lives in Hinesburg, VT. Ray grew up working animals in the woods with his father. He uses oxen for many farm and forestry tasks including mowing hay and logging.

Mark Cowdrey: Equipment Innovations
Mark lives in Andover, NH with his wife Lea, where they have been reclaiming a small farm since 1999. They have a team of Suffolk horses and do a little logging, some general hauling and harrowing, maple sugaring, and sleigh rides.

Robert Crichton: Equipment and Working Demo Teamster
Bob is a retired Educator who lives in Berwick, ME. He grew up using horses, and over his life he has also used oxen and mules. Since 1975 Bob has worked mules for logging, farming, hay-rides, and for fair competitions, on all types of farming machinery.

Jean Cross: Teamster
Jean lives on a small farm in Vergennes, Vermont, where she is learning to use draft horses for basic farm chores.

Carl Etnier: Transition Towns: Increasing Community Resilience in a Time of Change
Carl is director of Peak Oil Awareness in Montpelier, VT. He has worked with sustainability issues since the 1980s. A founding member of Washington County’s Post-Carbon Sustainability Network and Transition Town Montpelier, Carl hosts two radio shows and writes in newspapers and a blog related to the transition to a low-energy future.

David Fisher: Cultivating  with Animal Power
David has been farming with horses since 1997. He relies exclusively on four workhorses to power Natural Roots farm in Conway, MA, where he raises 3 1/2 acres of produce for 220 CSA shareholders, another 3 1/2 acres of soil building crops, and 10 acres of hay with his wife Anna Maclay.

Jared Flesher: Documentary Film Maker- The Farmer and the Horse
Jares writes about energy, the environment, and sustainability for The New York Times Online, The Christian Science Monitor, and Grist, and other on-line and printed publications. The Farmer and the Horse is his first film.

Liz Guenther: Teamster
Liz is a lives on her farm in Corinth, Vermont, where she uses her horses to log her woodland in the winter, and to make hay in the summer.

John Hammond: Equine Hoof Care
John is a farmer and full time farrier, living in Cornish, NH, where he raises Suffolk Punch and Cleveland Bay horses. John has over thirty years of experience working horses.

Donn Hewes: Equine Trainers Forum – Ground-drive Mower Tune-up –
Donn and his wife Maryrose Livingston own and operate Northland Sheep Dairy in Marathon, NY.  Donn uses horses and mules to do most of the farm work including haymaking, compost spreading, pasture clipping, and firewood hauling.

Brad Johnson: Teamster – Working the Single Horse
Brad owns and operates ALL Together Farm in Randolph Center, VT with his wife and daughter. The farm incorporates horse power year round, and they sell pasture-raised chicken, turkey, beef, pork, and lamb.  In addition, Brad offers positive-impact horse logging, and sheep shearing services.

Megan Johnson: Harnessed Cow Teamster
Megan lives in Saunderstown, RI where she farms and uses her Jersey cow Daisy in harness, skidding logs, pulling stone boat, and driving a Meadowbrook cart. (

Stephen Leslie: Cultivating with Animal Power
Stephen and his wife Kerry Gawalt operate Cedar Mountain Farm in Hartland, VT., producing milk and vegetables using draft horses for power.

George Lisi: Transition Towns: Increasing Community Resilience in a Time of Change
George is a teaching naturalist at Wisdom of the Herbs School and a founding member of Transition Town Montpelier.

Annie McCleary: Transition Towns: Increasing Community Resilience in a Time of Change
Annie McCleary, herbalist, is the director of Wisdom of the Herbs School in Woodbury, Vermont. She is a founding member of Transition Town Montpelier, and actively networks to help foster locally resilient food systems.

Ray Morvan: Oxen Teamster-Working Cattle-Oxen Forum
Ray Morvan lives in Northfield, VT, where he runs a large maple sugaring operation and guest house on 400 acres. He owns four large Brown Swiss oxen that he shows throughout New England.

Kenneth Mulder: Farming With Oxen at Green Mountain College
Ken is the farm manager at Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT. The college has had a farm for 12 years and has been working with oxen for 5 years, using them for harvesting hay, soil preparation, and pasture management.

Andre Palmer: Teamster
Andre Palmer lives in New Haven, VT. He is a member of the Green Mountain Draft Horse association, and uses his horses for  farming, logging, weddings, and pulling moose.

Brian Patten: Teamster – Ox Teamsters Forum – Working Oxen – Oxen Hoof Care and Shoeing
Brian Patten is a farmer and logger using both horses and oxen. He and his wife Kim live in Springfield, NH where they raise and train cattle for oxen. Brian has over 30 years of experience working cattle in the woods and on the regional pulling circuit.

Neal Perry: Teamster – Equine Trainers Forum
Neal is a natural horsemanship trainer with roots in VT as deep as the Morgan horses he raises. He operates The Perry Farm, where he offers an array of services from training and clinics, to lessons in riding and driving.

John Plowden: Equipment Innovations
John is a full-time horse-logger, and logging equipment fabricator and innovator, from western Maine.

Kevin Rea: Co-operative Animal-powered Timber Harvest
Kevin grew up in the hills of central Vermont, and always felt there was a better way to work in the woods than what he saw around him. He has been apprenticing and working on farms and in the woods for the last year, preparing to start a small farm and horse-logging business.

Sam Rich: Teamster – Sulky Plow Considerations
Sam uses his seven Percherons to plow, hay and log on his family’s dairy farm, in Abington, CT. Sam won first place in the Walking Plow division in 2007 and took 2nd place in the International Competition in 2008 at the National Plow Championships in Huber Heights, OH

Ted Russell: Sulky Plow Considerations – Working Animal Suitability
Ted lives and farms in Sudbury, Vermont. He has 35 years of experience working draft animals, and uses his horses to accomplish many farm tasks.  He trains horses to work, and gives lessons to folks who want to become better teamsters.

Paul Ruta: Working Demo: Chainsaw Maintenance and Safety
Paul is a horse-logger and forest land owner from Cabot Vermont with over twenty years experience working with horses.

David Sharp: Teamster for Working Equipment Demos
David is a full-time horse logger from Hebron, New Hampshire.

Herb Trombley: Teamster
Herb and his wife Sherry live in Granville, NY. He has been working horses and oxen for many years, plowing, logging, and performing general farm chores.

Howard Van Ord: Ox Teamsters Forum – Working Oxen – Oxen Hoof Care and Shoeing
Howie lives in Russell PA. He started raising oxen in 1957, and has been hooked ever since. He has many years of experience in raising and working single oxen. Howard is very involved in 4-H, County Fairs, and Ox Associations.