Field Days Registration & Payment

This page will provide a little more detail to the Field Days schedule so that you can decide which day(s) you plan to attend. You are welcome to register ahead of time with our on-line payment options, print out our registration form and send it in by mail, or pay at the gate when you arrive. There are plenty of camping spaces on the fairgrounds, and there are many other lodging options in the nearby area. We also welcome sponsors and exhibitors and will be accepting applications up until October 10th.

Friday, October 15, from 10:00am – 4:00pm

Admission Rates: $30.00 Member, $35.00 Non-Member, $50.00/Family, Member, $60.00 Family, Non-Member

Will feature Working Demonstrations of Field Work and Logging. We will be conducting tillage, forage harvesting, and logging activities at Howevale Farm, adjacent to the Tunbridge Fairgrounds. There will be animal-powered equipment, from current manufacturers and innovators, exhibited and demonstrated in real working situations, with horses, oxen, and mules. In conjunction, there will be opportunities for attendees to gain intensive exposure; focusing on skills, techniques, and applications of the featured equipment by regional experts. Equipment manufacturers and representatives will also be on hand to answer questions and to highlight design features of their pieces being demonstrated.
Field Work: We will have oxen, horses, and mules working singly, double, and in multiple hitches. There will be demonstrations of walking and riding cultivators, walking plows, chisel plows, sulky plows, harrows, horse-drawn mowing machines, and ground-driven and motorized fore-carts, tedders, rakes, manures spreaders, and a horse-drawn motorized brush-hog. Experienced teamsters will show the important skills and techniques required to perform these tasks in a practical setting. There will be discussion around conditioning animals to motorized equipment, rigging multiple hitches, issues of stamina and power needs for field-work. Attendees will have the opportunity to observe, and interact with teamsters and their animals working, as they address the circumstances that limit this kind of work, such as equipment adjustment, harnessing choices, land and soil conditions, and working cadence.
Timber Harvesting: We will have several teams of horses and oxen working in a nearby woodlot, harvesting hemlock sawlogs, and hardwood for fuel. Teamsters will demonstrate the skills necessary to effectively work animals in the woods. Equipment demonstrated will include logging arches/carts, bobsleds, scoots, and forwarders being used during timber harvest. Attendees will see first hand the techniques that animal-powered loggers practice, such as directional felling, skid trail layout, cutting logs for market, ground skidding logs, setting up landing areas, addressing access issues like stream crossings, and moving logs long distances.

Saturday, October 16 from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Admission Rates:
Full Day – $15/member, $20/non-member, $25/family, member, $30/family, non-member
Half Day – $10/member, $15/non-member, $15/family, member, $20/family, non-member

Activities will take place at the Tunbridge Fairgrounds from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, offering a midday Keynote Address, recognition of our 2010 Feature Farmer, classroom-style workshops, equipment presentations, draft animal presentations, networking sessions, indoor and outdoor resource exhibits, farmers market, a swap-meet featuring used equipment and supplies for sale, local food vendors, a raffle-prize drawing in the afternoon and a documentary film ‘The Farmer and the Horse’ in the evening.

Sunday, October 17, 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Admission Rates:
FREE Admission!
Meet-The-Teamster-Breakfast: Donation of $5 – $10 suggested

The day will start off with a non-denominational church service at 7 am followed by a Community Meet-The -Teamsters-Breakfast and opportunities for one-on-one time with teamsters, exhibitors and equipment dealers. VT Secretary Roger Allbee will give a talk on the History of Vermont Agriculture at 11:00 am followed by the premier annual membership meeting of the newly formed Draft Animal Power Network (DAPNET). Our hope is that the membership meeting will provide the leadership and direction needed in order for the Northeast Animal-Power Field Days, and regional DAPNET member workshops in the Northeast to continue and grow. The Member Meeting will wrap up by 2:30 pm.