2010 Northeast Animal-Power Field Days &
Draft Animal-Power Network Membership Form

Join the Draft Animal-Power Network!

The 4th Annual Northeast Animal-Power Field Days will feature the launch of the new membership organization: The Draft Animal-Power Network.

The goal of this organization is to provide year-round educational and networking opportunities, highlighting ongoing efforts of people throughout the region who are educating, mentoring and building community around animal-power and renewable land use.

In addition to a Draft Animal-Power resource website (this web site), there is an on-line Discussion Forum: Draft Animal-Power; Sustainable Farming, Forestry, and Living (www.draftanimalpower.com), which has over 2,000 members and receives over 11,000 visits per month. Your support allows this valuable service to continue.

Annual membership fees will support the administrative costs, maintenance of the DAP Discussion Forum and DAPNet website, and the newsletter. Benefits of membership include:

  1. Discounted gate fee to the 2010 Northeast Animal-Power Field Days and other future events,
  2. Newsletter which will keep everyone connected, and will include resource contacts, articles of interest, calendar events, and more,
  3. Access to DAP Discussion Forum,
  4. Access to the DAPNet website, which will provide calendar events, classifieds, resource contacts, a library of technical articles, a dynamic photo gallery, and more,
  5. Enhanced connections within the broader community of interest in the Northeast, and
  6. A voice in the organization: one member = one vote.

If you want to pay online using a credit card, please select your membership option from the list  below, then click “view cart” (above) to check out and pay. If you prefer to join by mail, download our registration form.

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